To strengthen the relationship among people in the society and extend support to the people to Create an environment of mutual cooperation. To enable people to remove discrimination among gender, cast , literate , illiterate high and low etc. And to incises their potentialities to critically judge the issue confronting them. To enable people to build up alliances among peoples organizations women's organizations to Promote self- confidence mutual trust and love . To enable people and to motivate them to promote and maintain alternative sustainable Development process in the society. To share new knowledge , skill, experience with the peoples regarding social , economic, political, Cultural and environmental aspect.


1) Agragati will empower the people's organization by generating awareness among the peole and members of the people's organization by increasing peoples skill and knowledge and encouraging joint leadership based on social values Agragati will enable them to tale part in decision making through participatory process.

2) Agragati will help from small clubs and group after having dialogs with the members of theses clubs / groups for involving them in the development process. The partipatory process . The participatory process will we made know to them and confidence building measure taken so that they may develop areas to which they belong.

3) The organization will we conducting training, exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience and arranging exposure tours for Agragati's staff as well as the members of the people's organizations.

4) Agragati well carry on dialogues with the people's organization / club small groups especially with those working with women on various issues and encouraging them for evolving plans and implementation their of through people's organizations in coopreration with agragati's facilitations.

5) The organization will obtain expert knowledge of eminent scholars form out side and make best use of in the project areas.

6) Agragati will obtain exert kits best two utilize the government funds allocated for village development purpose under different heads through people's organizations.

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