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A strong believer and practitioner of people's participatory process "Agragati" - non- Profit making registered society founded in 23rd January 1978 Amta west Bengal with the aim of achieving sustainable development through empowering and capacity building of the rural poor , toiling masses, particularly the schedule caste, the tribal and the women.

Agragati Jharkhand as a unit came into existence in the year 1996 with a strong and clear vision of Emancipation of rural downtrodden masses through exercising its effort at grass root level as its first Intervention in Jharkhand it started implementing different rural development programme through the People ' s participatory process in 12 village of karma gram panchayat of Manu block, Ramgarh district under the project titled " Upliftment of the rural poor " under the able supervision of SPAR, the mother organization To facilitate/implement the development programs, 80 SHGs, 12 village organization and 1 central Committee have been formed.

Honest and sincere approach towards the fulfillment of its target made it acceptable throughout its working area as a result it got an early recognition among the villagers, society, government , CSOs and among other non government organizations. Owing to the recognition a very short span of time, as one of the NGOs working with commitment at grass root level, and further organizational development as a result of capacitation and organization development initiatives received from the SPAR , it is become easier for AGRAGATI to implement/ facilitate certain other projects and expands its area of intervention . in 2000 it facilitate school feeding programme ( distribution) of nutritious foods) of CRS Klolkata , in 2001 it as taken of Facilitation of RCH (reproductive child Health) programme under KGVK as a field origination . The 2003 Remain anther important year in the life of Agragati Jharkhand, when it has got an opportunity of Implementing PACS Project 10 villages of Mandu Block under the SPAR in addition to this it has got another Project entitled Assessment of various aspects of brought prone areas of Jharkhand supported by ICCO, the Netherlands and ARSH (Adolescents Reproductive s exual Health ) for 20 villages of patratu and Mandu block, supported by KGVK, in the same year 2003 in 2004 it extended 8 villages of Ramgarh block under the SPAR 72 villages of ramgarh , Mandu and Gola bllock of raamgarh and gomia block of Bokaro district under ICCO project in 2008 it extended the project area to 8 blocks of Hazaribag ,and 2 block of giridih district under Jute technology mission , NCJD, JOI and included 500 silver jewellery artisans under AHVY, DCH, GOI, the organization running 3 Rehabilitation cum child labour welfare centre in ramgarh district, parllel to all these It has also got sanctioned various small projects under NABARD, DRDA, and welfare dept, tourism department , to further strengthen the people , in due course of time the organization inerged as one of the reputed NGO working in Jharkhand state. It has extended co operation in facilitating several govt. programmes like organization stall in govt. loan distribution cum development fairs participated in pulse polio Campaign, disability identifications and certificated distribution and similar other programme which reflects Its good rapport with the govt, official , beasides , SPAR the functionaries of organization's have taken training from other organization , attended fairs, seminar , workshop[,s organized by govt. / non govt. organizations / institutions and disseminating the gained knowledge to other staffs and filed workers. Organizations functionaries are getting chance of performing as a govt. trainer for imparting basic orientation an skill up gradation training supported by DRDA, which reflect the enhance capability of organization in terms of quality of human recourse in the mean time organization has also taken initiatives to establish inkages with organization i.e. ILRI, ATMA , Resti. BAU , TRIFED , jhar craft etc organization is applying the idea, experience and learning of one project to other project. In total during the period 1996-2010 Jharkhand as a unit has undergone through log phase of organizational growth and learning, also Gained a lot of experience and knowledge which help it to evolve as a strong functional unit of AGRAGATI .


The village society would we free from any exploitation beprivation social. Economic, cultural and environmental being united by human values , people irrespective of cast , creed, religion, colour and gender would establish a balance society and it so that their indigenous creativity and inherent potentials are develop uninterruptedly with the establishment of dignity and solidarity of man and commit to and practice , justice and harmony.


The establishment of human values and co- operation with the people for the removal of the discriminations prevailing in the society, which will solve their problems on their own initiative. Henceforth the support to the people in order to enable them to carry out development activities with the maintenance of peace and soilidarity in the society. Through generating awareness among the reference people e taking the different issues i. e, literacy drive, spread of mass education, Women right development of people health, preservation of ecological balance and development of creativity etc.

To coordinate between the tread national and modern technology by giving the importance on the available resources and proper utilization and equal distribution of property . Agragati will steadfastly work with the weaker section of the people especially with women in the predominantly backward areas of west Bengal, orissa and jharkhand for the their upliftment and rightful place in the society.

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